Ski Pass Queyras In The Alps

Queyras is a group of mountains with passes that tourist can navigate by us of skies. Ski Pass Queyras in the alps provides attractive, scenic and breathtaking slopes and mountains that can be very adventurous. Its attraction includes rugged peaks and ridges, flakes of light and powdery snow. Queyras is also remote and the villages are rich with traditions and cultures that beckons alluringly. In addition, the sunny skies at the Queyras provides a perfect and conducive environment for skiing. For a successful touring of this area, one has to have mountain manoeuvring techniques in heavy and very difficult snow, executing turns on 35 degrees firm snow and the ability to skate.

Ski pass Queyras in the Alps is very affordable. They are around six passes with relatively cheaper prices at Abries, Molines-en Queyras/Saint veran, Ceillac en Queyras, Aiguilles, Ristollas and Arvieux.

1. The Abries

It is located in the Arrondissement of Briancon in France, Hautes Alps. Has slopes of 33 km, elevation of 1450-2450m, 6 ski lifts and a pass/lift ticket of 25.50 Euros, a day ticket. This is very affordable. In fact it gives tourist plenty of latitude to ski and enjoy themselves. The resort also offers other outdoor sports like sunbathing . Isn’t that amazing? It is opened from mid December to April from 09:00 to 16:00.Ths opening times vary according to external conditions like Holidays, days of the week etc

2. Molines en Queyras

It is also situated at Arrondissement of Briancon, Hautes Alps. They provide skiing and snowboarding.There are 33 km of slope available for skiing, 16 lifts and an elevation of 1750- 2500m. The ski pass ticket goes for around 28.50 Euros for adults and 23 Euros for children.It is opened from early December to early April and opening days can also vary according to external factors like holidays, days of the week etc.

3. Ceillac en Queyras

It is also situated at Hautes Alps, Arrondissement of Briancon. It also offers skiing and snowboarding sports.. There is also 25 km of slope available for skiing, 6 lifts and a pass price of 28.00 Euros for adults and 23.00 Euros for children.

4. Aiguilles

It is also situated in Arrondissement of Briancon, Hautes Alps and has 3 km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding, 4 lifts for transporting guests, and an elevation of 1460 to 1619m. It is opened from mid December to mid March 09:00- 16:30 and this opening times can also vary with external conditions. There is a definite value return for your money.

5. Arvieux

It is also situated in Hautes Alps, Arrondisement of Briancon and has 18 km of slope available for skiing and snowboarding and an elevation of 1550m – 2200m. It is opened from mid December- early march from 09:00- 16:30. The time of opening is also affected by external factors like public holidays and days of the week.

6. Ristollas

It is also located in Hautes Alps, arrondissement of Briancon. It has 1 km of slopes for skiing and snowboarding. An elevation of 1600- 1648m.

It is now clear that ski pass Queyras has attractive features that beckons many a tourist. They are very alluring to visit both for pleasure and sport. The resorts are very exquisite and prices pocket friendly.

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